About HJCC Ohio

“At last, humanists who may identify with Jewish history and culture, who prize their Jewish roots and want to participate in Jewish holidays and programs without reference to God or the supernatural, have a place to meet in Columbus. No more wondering around, alone in the wilderness!”(Central Ohio Humanist, May-June 2010).

About HJCC Ohio

HJCC is a local, emerging community newly founded in April, 2009.   Our guiding philosophy is rooted in Humanistic Judaism.   Our mission is to provide Jews and non-Jews an environment and community through which they can learn about Humanistic Judaism.   We combine the celebration of Jewish culture, holidays and Jewish identity with an adherence to humanistic values and ideas without reference to a deity.

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What is Humanistic Judaism?

Humanistic Judaism is both a philosophy and a progressive world movement which was founded by Rabbi Sherwin Wine at Birmingham Temple near Detroit in the 1960’s. Humanistic Jews are non-theistic and we enjoy honoring our Jewish roots and celebrating our Jewish heritage and culture. Central to our belief system is living a moral, ethical life based on human derived, internally driven personal authority. We do not seek divine intervention to guide our actions. Humanistic Jews are reality oriented, rational thinkers who subscribe to a person centered philosophy of life. We do not worship science but allow evidence acquired through science to inform us about human development, the laws of nature and the universe. We share the basic values of humanists worldwide.

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Our Mission & Philosophy

The Humanist Jewish Chavurah of Columbus (HJCC)  is the first community in Columbus/Central Ohio which specficially reaches out and welcomes  secular and nontheistic Jews, their families and significant others (who might not be Jewish), as well as individuals who identify with the Jewish Community.  We value Jewish identify, culture and history while holding a Humanistic philosophy of life.  (For Humanist values, see the original and most recent  Humanist Manifesto I and  Humanist Manifesto III).

This perspective emphasizes human relationship, needs, potential and responsibilities versus traditional Jewish practices which emphasize prayer, God, and Torah.

At HJCC our monthly secular programs often address current or historical events, social issues, or cultural presentations.  In addition, throughout the year, our programming includes non-theistic (i.e. without reference to a deity) services, holidays and celebrations that speak to our Jewish/Humanistic perspective.

We affirm the importance of our on-going individual and group discussion and learning about Jewish and universal human needs.  Living an authentic life with both dignity and courage requires studying who we are and sharing it with others.  It also helps us to make ethical decisions based on reason, observation and life experiences, both personal and shared.  Living this life well and from an evolving ethical core, is central to our being as Humanistic Jews.

Our community is open to both those who are integrating or have integrated their Jewish identity with their Humanistic convictions as well as others who are interested in Humanistic Judaism.

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Our Location

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Regular meetings are held on the fourth Sunday of each month (unless pre-empted by a special event) at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation East (UUCE) building in Reynoldsburg, the Jewish Community Center (JCC) or one of the local libraries. They normally last two hours and involve a brief social reception and a discussion on a topic related to Humanistic Judaism.

Our general meetings range from book discussions to current events. We cover topics related to secular Jews and Humanistic Judaism.

Our meetings are open. If you would like to attend a general meeting, please check the Event Calendar to see if the meeting day or time has changed.

Our meetings typically start at 1:30 PM with a social time. After the meeting, we typically have oneg (refreshments).

Meeting Location:

Call our voicemail to find out the current location: 614-285-9463

Unitarian Universalist Congregation East (UUCE)
1789 Lancaster Avenue
Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068

Jewish Community Center
1125 College Ave.
Columbus, OH 43209

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